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A message from Paul Provost, CEO and the Art Bridges staff

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Meet Our Interns

Art Bridges interns for Summer 2021

Team members

  • Alana Hyman

    Traveling Exhibitions Intern

    Alana is from Madison, Wisconsin, but currently attends Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. She is majoring in Art History and Visual Arts with minors in Chemistry and French Studies. Though still exploring her field, her interests lie with African American and Caribbean art and art of Indigenous Peoples. She spends her free time painting, baking, or taking care of her ever growing jungle of houseplants.

    Alana Hyman
  • Alysa Matsunaga

    Learning and Engagement Intern

    Alysa is a history student at the University of Georgia. She hails from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, where her love for museums was first sparked at the High Museum of Art. She is very excited to be part of the Art Bridges team to help make art, and the conversations around them, more accessible to the public. In her free time, Alysa can be found drawing, fencing, joking with her twin brother, playing with her Havapoo, Hanx, and baking way too many pies.

    Alysa Matsunaga
  • Esha Deokar

    Awards and Funding Intern

    Esha grew up in the Bay Area, and attends the University of Chicago. She is currently on track to graduate with a dual-degree in Economics with a specialization in Business and Art History. She works on the student advisory committee at the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago. Esha is passionate about the intersection between business and art and hopes to pursue her interest by expanding the accessibility and prevalence of American art collections across the country. Her current favorite work in the Art Bridges collection is David Clyde Driskell’s Woman With Flowers. Esha’s interests include SoulCycle, reading, listening to R&B, and traveling.

  • Julia Mun

    Collections and Curatorial Intern

    Julia grew up in several places across the world, ranging from New Mexico to South Korea. Constantly moving has not only allowed her to interact with many forms of art, but also shaped her belief that museums can be catalysts for positive change. Recently, Julia graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in art history and international affairs. She will attend the University of Delaware in the fall to pursue her master’s degree, where she hopes to specialize in Asian-American art. Outside of work and school, Julia can be found drinking coffee, exploring bookstores, or learning to draw.

    Julia Mun
  • Sarah Knight

    Traveling Exhibitions Intern

    Sarah grew up surrounded by the unique arts scene of her hometown, Nashville, Tennessee. As a child, she took every opportunity possible to engage with art. She now continues to pursue her passion at Cornell University, where she will graduate with a BA in art history in 2022. Continuously amazed by the ways art can create effective social change and touch lives, she is especially interested in improving art accessibility and arts protection in America. When she’s not looking at art, Sarah enjoys cooking, taking long walks, reading, and watching John Hughes movies. She is thrilled to be a part of the Art Bridges team!

    Sarah Knight
  • Umisha KC

    Marketing and Communications/Social Media Intern

    Originally from Lalitpur, Nepal, Umisha loves museums and galleries. While her education has been largely on Communication with some Marketing, she loves art and can be found dragging her loved ones to one museum or the other. While not in grad school where she studies intergroup communication, she likes fiction, essays, TikTok humor, bodies of water, and finding excuses to stay in. In whatever she does, be it academia or otherwise, Umisha wants to make sure she centers accessibility. As a new Maryland resident, she looks forward to visiting the DC museum scene.

    Umisha KC

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