Art Bridges is building partnerships with museums of all sizes—some with rich collections not presently on display, others with a need for exhibiting outstanding works of art from those very same collections. No matter the size or age of your institution, Art Bridges wants to talk with you about the potential for becoming our next great partner.


    Many museums have the potential for sharing their collections through Art Bridges projects. For this work, Art Bridges seeks institutions that are:

    • Eager to work collaboratively with other institutions
    • Eager to embrace Art Bridges as a partner
    • Committed to innovation, experimentation, and multidisciplinary approaches


    Art Bridges is committed to making art accessible to all, especially where there is currently less access to great works of art and deep, meaningful engagement with those works. To that end, Art Bridges seeks partner venues that are:

    • Rural or regional venues with acceptable facility reports
    • Operating on annual budgets under $5 million
    • Eager to engage their community in a topic relevant to them and supported by exhibition content
    • Committed to innovation, experimentation, and multidisciplinary approaches

    Partner List

    Our list of Art Bridges Partners continues to grow at a rapid pace. To date, we have begun conversations with – or started working with – the following institutions:

    Ready to be a partner?

    If you’re interested in becoming an Art Bridges partner, use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us.

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