Learn how we define a “project” and see successful examples from Art Bridges Partners.

Creating Access

All projects begin with a conversation about access to American art – either from Art Bridges’ collection or from partners’ deep collections.

There are three main types of Art Bridges Projects:

  • Collection loan projects
  • Exhibition projects
  • Cohort Program projects

Once an Art Bridges partner has secured funding for any of the above project types, they are able to apply for Learning & Engagement support.

Partners that have secured funding for an exhibition project are able to apply for convening and/or organizing support, as well.

Collection Loan Projects

These projects activate one or more objects from the Art Bridges collection, either within a permanent collection or as a single-object focus. They should be collaborative, experimental, and/or multi-disciplinary. 

Exhibition Projects

Exhibition projects cover both the borrowing and organizing of exhibitions of American art. Exhibitions are drawn from the collections of museums across the United States.

Cohort Program

The Cohort Program supports multi-year exhibition partnerships among museums nationwide. 

Learning & Engagement Projects

Dance or theater performance. Science demo, musical experience, or digital engagement. We love interdisciplinary in-gallery experiences. Art Bridges will help you try something new to activate your collection loan or exhibition project, connect with audiences, and assess your results. 

Convening Projects

Convening projects bring together teams of curators, exhibition planners, and educators from all tour venues of an Art Bridges exhibition project. The convening, co-led by the organizer and Art Bridges, is used to plan an innovative approach to showing and programming the tour. 


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