Partner With Us

Learn about the types of Art Bridges partnerships and how to get started.

Lending Partnerships

Lending partners are generally museums with large or focused collections that are:

  • Interested in sharing their collections with broader audiences
  • Excited to work collaboratively with other arts organizations

Lending partners will work with Art Bridges to organize touring exhibitions from their collections. Art Bridges does not support loan shows. Art Bridges may provide support for:

  • Single-collection exhibitions
  • Consortium exhibitions

Borrowing Partnerships

Borrowing partners are large, small, and medium-sized museums across the country that are:

  • Eager to engage their community with great American art
  • Committed to innovation, experimentation, and multidisciplinary approaches
  • Rural, urban, and suburban venues with acceptable facilities reports

Borrowing partners may borrow an approved exhibition or works of art from the Art Bridges collection.

Programming and evaluation support may be available but only for projects that involve an approved exhibition or collection loan.

Art Bridges collaborates with museums to craft proposals for funding of eligible projects. Check out the steps below for how to begin a partnership conversation.