All of us at Art Bridges are thinking about our partners and the challenges you’re facing regarding the coronavirus/Covid-19. We’re continuing to monitor and local and regional health authorities, and we urge you to do the same. Above all, please stay as safe and healthy as possible.

We will continue to support you and your decisions as you adjust schedules or postpone events in light of the current situation. Art Bridges is up and running and operating as usual, and we’ll let you know if that changes. Now more than ever, access to American art can play an important and unifying role as our communities face these challenges together. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Paul Provost, CEO

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We're excited to work with you. Please see answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

    Does Art Bridges give grants?

    Art Bridges is an operating foundation, which means we work together with partners on projects. We don’t call them grants – we call them projects – because the partner – we don’t call them grantees – receives more than just funding. They receive support in many ways, depending on what’s needed. For instance, in addition to financial support, we have offered curatorial expertise, assistance in generating exhibition ideas, training and professional development for staff, and introductions to other institutions that might be great partners.

    What projects does Art Bridges support?

    All our partnerships begin with an Exhibition Project. Exhibition Projects are designed to facilitate the sharing of high quality collections of American art with people across America. Exhibitions may range in size from one object to many, and they are always designed to travel to multiple locations. Once an organization has been approved for an Exhibition Project, they may be eligible to apply for Programming and Evaluation or Convening Project support.

    Many projects will start with an object from the Art Bridges Collection or with one of several Exhibitions that Art Bridges is helping to make available to venues across the country.

    How do I apply for an Art Bridges project?

    All projects and partnerships begin with a conversation. If the project seems to fit the Art Bridges mission and requirements, the Art Bridges team will invite you to apply. From there, the process is very interactive – we assist you in writing your project proposal, building your budget, and refining your idea. Overall, we believe it shouldn’t be an intimidating process, so we’re with you every step of the way.

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    How long is a typical project?

    Every project is different. The length of the project is based on the needs of the project – so we will determine that together.

    What projects has Art Bridges already done?

    You can see most of our projects here on the website, in the Projects section.

    Can I borrow an Art Bridges object?

    Yes! The Art Bridges collection is available for sharing through loans, based on availability. To express interest in an object and find out availability of the object you are interested in, use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

    Can I borrow more than one Art Bridges object?

    Yes! Partners often borrow 2-3 objects and create a focused exhibition around those objects.

    What are the costs involved with borrowing an Art Bridges object?

    Art Bridges supports the sharing of our collection and will pay for the direct costs involved with getting the work into your museum, on display. That includes things like transportation, packing and crating, insurance, in-gallery didactics, fabrication, installation, interpretation, and furniture.

    Can a museum work on more than one Art Bridges Project at a time?

    Yes! We are excited to work on multiple projects with your team. If you have the capacity to create multiple projects with us, we’re happy to do that.

    Can Art Bridges collection objects be loaned to traveling exhibitions?

    Yes! If you are creating a traveling exhibition of loans from multiple lenders, and need an object from Art Bridges, please let us know using the form at the bottom of the page. We are happy to discuss availability of the object you’re interested in.

    Does Art Bridges support all touring exhibitions?

    No. Art Bridges focuses on supporting traveling exhibitions that are created from a single museum’s collection. That’s our focus – collection sharing. Therefore, we are not currently supporting exhibitions created with loans from many partners.

    Are there costs Art Bridges will not support on a project?

    Yes. Art Bridges does not support costs associated with staff time or publications. Art Bridges focuses on the direct costs associated with touring an exhibition, and engaging audiences with that exhibition. We will work with you as a partner to build a budget and identify which expenses Art Bridges supports.

    My project idea focuses on Programming, but does not include an Exhibition. Is it eligible for Art Bridges support?

    No. All Art Bridges projects begin with an Exhibition Project, because our mission is to share artworks broadly. We do support programming associated with approved projects.

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