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State of the Art 2020: Locate

This exhibition speaks to the ways artists orient themselves through relationships – either to people or places – and how other artists use their work to locate truths typically hidden from view. 

Available Touring Summer 2020 - Winter/Spring 2022/2023

Exhibition Images

  • Frank A. Blazquez, The Gallegos Twins from Belen, NM, 2019, giclée on 100% cotton rag, 26 ½ × 32 ½ in. On loan from the artist, Frank A. Blazquez.

  • JooYoung Choi, Journey to the Cosmic Womb, 2019, acrylic, painted paper on canvas, 80 × 60 in. Courtesy of Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art.

  • Cristina Molina, Matrilineal Portrait: From the Matriarchs Series, 2016 - 2017, archival pigment print, 24 × 36 in. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Jiha Moon, Mujigaeyolo, 2018, ink and acrylic on Hanji paper mounted on canvas, 30 × 30 in. Courtesy of the artist and Mindy Solomon Gallery.

  • Karen Seapker, Tent Mama, 2019, oil on canvas, 60 × 48 in. Courtesy of Zeitgeist Gallery.

  • Larry Walker, Tweet, Tweet…Look Who’s Here…or Aliens, Wall Spirits and Other Manifestations, 2017, acrylic and various materials on panels (Diptych), 62 × 98 × 3 in. Courtesy of the artist and Mason Fine Art Gallery.

About the Exhibition

State of the Art is an exploration into how contemporary art – produced all across the country including regions outside traditional art centers – reflects the present moment. It began in 2014, when Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art presented State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now, which was seen by 175,000 visitors in Bentonville, Arkansas, before traveling to five additional museums. State of the Art 2020 – featuring a fresh new group of artists selected by a new curatorial team – opened at the Momentary and at Crystal Bridges in February 2020 and is now ready to be experienced across the country.

In its original presentation,State of the Art 2020 displayed more than 100 recent works, by 61 artists working in paintings, sculpture, photography, video, performance, and mixed media. The artists represent a cross-section of makers working in the United States today. To travel to Art Bridges partners, the show has been divided into three different exhibitions of approximately 5,000-8,000 square feet each, called Locate, Record, and Constructs.

The exhibition State of the Art 2020: Locate speaks to the ways in which artists orient themselves through relationships – either to people or places – and how other artists use their work to locate truths typically hidden from view. The three thematic groupings in this exhibition include an exploration of expansive ideas of family, a dive into how identity is linked with location, and a probe into artists seeking the truths buried in fiction.

Section 1: Family
Families take a variety of shapes and forms, but the sense of belonging they present is often a powerful influence on understanding one’s place in the world. In the “Family” section this happens through exploring family trees and genealogical ties and through understanding how family connects to various broad definitions of home.

Section 2: Identity & Place Making 
We can never separate ourselves entirely from place. Whether picking up a southern drawl living in Texas or putting French fries on sandwiches after growing up in Pittsburgh, identity is often informed by location. The artists in the “Identity & Place Making” section explore their sense of self through relationships they have in a place, through established borders, or in some cases, by inventing fictional spaces.

Section 3: Reveal 
Artists often help peel back layers of the world around us, revealing truth, complexity, and realities frequently glossed over on a daily basis. The artists in the “Reveal” section unveil what is often hidden from plain sight, asking viewers to dig deeper and think twice about their surroundings.


The national tour of State of the Art 2020 is sponsored by Bank of America with additional support from Art Bridges.




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