Collection Loan Partnership

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


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Available as part of the Collection Loan Partnership.

These groupings include works from a wide range of artists, including Poli Marichal, Arturo Urista, Bruce Davidson, Monique Prieto, Sabina Ott, Chaz Bojórquez, Gloria Westcott and more.

Experimental photography, prints from the Los Angeles-based collective Self-Help Graphics & Art, and contemporary sculpture are included. This selection is comprised of multiple mediums, time periods, and styles to offer multiple display opportunities and dynamic pairings with your museum’s collection.


LACMA | Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Space Requirements


Loan Duration

12 – 24 months

Facility Requirements

Temp: 65-75°F
RH: 40-60%, 12 months of climate readings
Security: 24 hr. manned


Art Bridges covers all costs to prepare and ship the artworks to the borrowing museums. The foundation encourages borrowing museums to apply for accompanying Learning & Engagement funding to support the activation and interpretation of Collection Loan Partnership artworks. Learning & Engagement funding supports multidisciplinary programming, interpretive materials, and community outreach.


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