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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art


Highlights in this selection range from postwar abstraction to contemporary sculpture and new media. 

This selection of artworks from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is organized to spark unique conversations with your museum’s collection. Ranging from postwar abstraction to contemporary sculpture and new media, some works reveal new perspectives on familiar scenes such as the breakfast table or the artist’s studio. Others examine American symbols and landscapes through color and scale.

Created with unexpected materials and re-imagined themes, these works contribute to the vast and wide-ranging histories of American art.


Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Space Requirements

Artworks can be hung together or dispersed throughout the galleries.

Loan Duration

2 years

Facility Requirements

Temp: 59-77 °F
RH: 40-60%
Security: 24 hr. CCTV and roaming guards


Art Bridges covers all costs to prepare and ship the artworks to the borrowing museums. The foundation encourages borrowing museums to apply for accompanying Learning & Engagement funding to support the activation and interpretation of Partner Loan Network artworks. Learning & Engagement funding supports multidisciplinary programming, interpretive materials, and community outreach.


    Artwork Gallery



    Checklist - Group 1: Collection Highlights (PDF)

    Checklist - Group 2: Collection Highlights (PDF)

    Checklist - Group 3: 19th Century Highlights (PDF)

    Checklist - Group 4: Landscapes (PDF)

    The grouping features four paintings of various landscapes featuring both nature and city views. 

    Checklist - Group 5: Interiors (PDF)

    This grouping shows slices of life throughout time and distinct home lives of the subject matters.  

    Checklist - Group 6: Portraits (PDF)

    Portraits featured from the 19th century to modern day, while using medium popular during their creation, such as oil on canvas, mixed medium, bronze, and video. 

    Checklist - Group 7: Sculpture and Expanded Media (PDF)

    This grouping features artworks unique and new mediums from sculptures to video installations.  

    Checklist - Group 8: Native Artists (reserved) (PDF)

    Checklist - Group 9: Misc (PDF)

    Unique grouping of modern and contemporary artworks, with no overarching theme to allow flexibility of placement within galleries.  

    Checklist - Group 10 (PDF)

    Alexander Pope Trophies of the Hunt

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