Edward Steichen: In Exaltation of Flowers

Installation view of three painitngs by Edward Steichen, hanging on a light purple wall. There are light fixtures above the paintings, and a sign in the foreground explaining the art.

The Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas, TX) exhibited Edward Steichen’s In Exaltation of Flowers, from September 2017 – May 2018.

Created by Steichen between 1910 and 1913, the Dallas presentation was the first time in many decades that all seven canvasses were stretched and displayed in their entirety. To learn more about the conservation of Steichen’s masterpiece, visit the Art + Seek website for a podcast, photographs, and more.

In Exaltation of Flowers is part of the Art Bridges collection.


Art Bridges support included:

Exhibition Project – supporting the direct costs associated with exhibiting the artworks:

  • Conservation work: Study and treatment of the artwork, including stretching, surface issue treatment, and cleaning. Completed by four conservators with four interns to assisting.
  • Spanish translation services for didactics and materials.
  • Production of title and didactic graphics.
  • Installation mounts and supplies.

Programming & Evaluation Project – supporting the creation and funding of multi-disciplinary lectures, gallery talks, materials, and other costs associated with school, youth, child, and special needs outreach programs.

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