Lee Krasner  Re-Echo

Lee Krasner



Re-Echo is one of seventeen paintings from Lee Krasner’s Earth Green series. The group of works, Re-Echo was among the first of this series and is an excellent example of the shift in Krasner’s practice after the sudden death of her husband, Jackson Pollock, in the late summer of 1956. The title further emphasizes this moment of change, when Krasner was able to move away from Pollock’s aesthetic influence and return to her own creative voice.

Re-Echo is founded on feminine generative power. The canvas is dense with rounded, flesh-colored forms which are dotted with smaller shapes suggestive of fruit and foliage. However these suggestions of new life are balanced with the shadow of mortality.

The inclusion of ocher and brown that fill the negative spaces of Re-Echo function as a reminder that all life with inevitably suffer death and decay. Additionally, mundane hues serves as a masculine counterbalance to feminine palette of blush and rose. Re-Echo is a painting of sensitivity and nuance, with which Krasner both celebrates the possibilities of the future and laments her past.

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Lee Krasner


59 × 58 in. (149.9 × 147.3 cm) Framed: 61 1/2 in. × 62 1/2 in. × 2 in.

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Art Bridges




Oil on canvas

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l.r., in brown paint: LEE KRASNER '57


(Martha Jackson Gallery, New York, NY); to Joseph Glickman, FL; to (Robert Miller Gallery, New York, NY); to Ginny Williams [1927-2019], CO, 1991; to (Sotheby’s, New York, NY), June 29, 2020, sale N10380, The Ginny Williams Collection Evening Sale, lot 9; purchased by Art Bridges, TX, 2020


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    Thinking Outside the Box at the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg

    Through its partnership with Art Bridges, the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg, in Tampa Bay, Florida sought to engage local and diverse communities by highlighting artworks by artists who have been historically underrepresented in museums. By borrowing five paintings from the Art Bridges collection, the MFA St. Petersburg aimed to expand upon traditional art historical narratives and deepen conversations on race, gender, and regional identity by featuring works by BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women artists.

    Lee Krasner Re-Echo with Sarah Cahill performing on piano

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