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How Alice Walton is Bringing the Art World to Rural America

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“Everybody deserves access to art. Art is hope, it’s opportunity, it’s education, it’s all of the things we all want.”

[Alice] Walton says Art Bridges grew out of Crystal Bridges’ mission and her lack of access to art when she was a child. “Art Bridges is exactly what Crystal Bridges was all about, and that is giving access to art that people in rural, smaller parts of the country don’t have,” she says, adding that it will also partner with major urban museums, like LACMA, to help them reach underserved urban areas.

“Crystal Bridges is of a place—it is of northwest Arkansas,” says Art Bridges CEO Paul Provost. “Art Bridges is a national mission. In the same way [Alice has] provided access to great works in northwest Arkansas, Art Bridges will do that very thing around the nation.” He notes that the organization currently has projects underway in almost every state.


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Published October 26, 2021

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Alice Walton with Art Bridges CEO Paul Provost, photographed for Town & Country at Crystal Bridges.