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  1. Figge Art Museum and Stanley Museum of Art in Quad City Times

    Figge Art Museum, 2022, Nikos Frazier

    After 14 years, art pieces stored at the Figge Art Museum because of Iowa City flooding are going home.   Massive flooding destroyed parts of Iowa City in 2008, and about 12,000 pieces of art from the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art were moved to the Figge for safe keeping.   Having the additional space will allow the Figge to bring out some of its own permanent collection, Hargrave said, of which around only 3% is on display. The extra room will also allow for new partnerships, Hargrave said, such as the collaboration with the Arts Bridges Foundation...

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  2. Barrick Museum of Art in Double Scoop

    Josh Hawkins for UNLV

    Photo: Josh Hawkins for UNLV

    Many art museums might describe their offerings as a “treat” for their patrons, but the Barrick Museum of Art at UNLV means it literally. For the next year-and-a-half, visitors to the Barrick will find a large pile of individually wrapped green candies on the gallery floor, and they are encouraged to take a piece. Far from an accidental spill or promotional gimmick, the candy pile is one of the more famous works by artist Félix González-Torres, titled simply “Untitled” (L.A.), on loan to the Barrick Museum of Art from the Art Bridges collection. An openly gay man in the height of...

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  3. Racine Art Museum in Lake Geneva Regional News

    Lost at Sea Edouard Duval-Carrié

    On a certain level, being imaginative means producing things in the mind that exist independent of reality, including scenarios that are invented or fantastic. While there may still be connections to day-to-day reality, the scenes, sensations, or ideas within the imagination are fictional. Blurry Boundaries addresses these ambiguities, or the spaces between them, by sharing a wide range of works. While primarily drawn from RAM’s collection, the exhibition also spotlights loaned work from Wisconsin-based Yeonhee Cheong and Illinois-based Paul Andrew Wandless. Additionally, the loan of “Lost at Sea” by Edouard Duval-Carrié represents a newly formed partnership between RAM and Art...

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  4. Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Resident Community News

    Andrea Barnwell Brownlee

    George W. and Kathleen I. Gibbs Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Andrea Barnwell Brownlee poses next to "Tiger" (1977) by New Mexico artist Felipe Benito Archuleta, part of the Cummer Museum's new exhibit "American Perspectives: Stories from the American Folk Art Museum Collection." Photo by Michele Leivas.

    American Perspectives: Stories from the American Folk Art Museum Collection opened on Friday, Feb. 11 at Jacksonville’s Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. The exhibit celebrates American folk art and artists. Showcasing more than 80 works of art dating from the 18th century to modern day, by artists hailing from across the country, the exhibit’s launch has been a long-awaited event for the museum’s curatorial team. New York-based American Folk Art Museum organized the exhibit, supported by Art Bridges, a foundation devoted to “creating and supporting programs that expand access to American art in all regions across the nation.” Read...

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  5. Art Bridges in Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

    In the family of American museums, you could say that Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is now an older sibling. Its little sister is Art Bridges, a relatively new nonprofit organization established by Alice Walton that builds lasting relationships with other museums across the country through collection loans, traveling exhibits, the creation of art programs, funding and much more. Read the Article

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  6. Howard University Gallery of Art in ArtFixDaily

    timothy clark james little

    Timothy J. Clark, James Little, 2021, watercolor on laid paper, 23 ½” x 14 ½” Timothy J. Clark

    Family Reunion: Portraits by Timothy J. Clark is currently on view at Howard University’s Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts Gallery.  Continuing in the tradition of John Singer Sargent that celebrates the relationship between drawing and painting, Clark– hailed for his still lifes, architectural interiors and exteriors, and portraits–is among America’s foremost watercolor artists. Created over the past year, this suite of stunning portraits shows both the finished paintings and the creative processes of the artist which includes his preparatory drawings. Intended for both the public as well as the students of the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts,...

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