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Three Acts at Picker Art Gallery

Project Partner
Picker Art Gallery at Colgate University, NY

Project Scope
Loans of three artworks, funding to support programs for each artwork (see below for more details)

Project Dates
January 24-March 10, 2019

Art Bridges Collection Loans
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (L.A.)
Senga Nengudi: A.C.Q. (II)
Joe Overstreet: Boxes


The Project

Three Acts facilitated and encouraged interdisciplinary and intersectional conversations about gender, race, sexuality, and social practice in contemporary art.

What Art Bridges loves about this project
The Picker is thinking about how the university and local communities can engage in new ways with the museum. By leading and welcoming complex conversations on topics like race and identity, they are creating an open, inclusive, and questioning environment in a predominantly white, middle class area.


Candy Creation – Connecting with our Communities through Confections
At a two-day candy-making and collaborative art-making workshop inspired by the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, multi-generational participants collaboratively crafted individually wrapped hard candies, and created an installation inspired by Gonzalez-Torres at the University’s art center.

Performance Objects
This interdisciplinary program brought together visual art, dance, and music in response to the work of Senga Nengudi. The students of the Advanced Contemporary Dance class at the University spent the first part of the semester learning about the work of Nengudi. They then collaborated with Christine Lee, an LA-based musician and electronic sound artist, to create and perform new work in the galleries responding to the installation.

Making Space
In collaboration with Sisters of the Round Table (SORT), a student group promoting the voices of women of color on campus, LA-based artist Uzumaki Cepeda came to Colgate to install her work in conversation with Joe Overstreet’s Boxes. Students assisted with the installation.

Art Bridges supported: supplies, transportation for schools and community groups, honoraria, travel and lodging, documentation, and outreach targeting new audiences.

What were some of the results of the Project?

“Overall, we saw positive impact with the implementation of these programs in bringing wider audiences (community members, grade school students, Colgate students who had not visited before) into the museum to engage with our exhibitions. All three programs were built on collaboration – with Colgate students, Colgate faculty, and with members of the communities surrounding the University. From an organizational perspective, the programming has helped us to not only build new relationships across campus and with the community that should be fruitful for developing additional programming, but has also given us an opportunity to pursue some new models of collaboration that will inform our work in the future.”

Nick West, Curator of Collections

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