Bringing Teams Together

Partners with approved Exhibition Projects may also be eligible for Convening Projects, which are designed to bring together teams from all tour venues for planning, brainstorming, and the co-creation of new ideas.

Convening Projects bring together teams of curators, exhibition planners and educators from all tour venues of an Art Bridges Exhibition Project, to plan an innovative approach to showing and programming a tour. The convening is co-led by the organizer and Art Bridges.


Who can apply?

Organizers that are partners on an Art Bridges Exhibition Project. Ideally, at least 50% of the tour venues meeting the Art Bridges criteria of:

  • Rural or regional venues with acceptable facility reports
  • Annual operating budgets under $5 million
  • Eager to engage their community in a topic relevant to them and supported by exhibition content
  • Committed to innovation, experimentation, and multidisciplinary approaches

All venues participating in a convening are expected to apply separately for a programming & evaluation project.


Eligible Costs

Up to $20,000 for direct costs associated with materials for the convening (supplies) and travel expenses associated with the convening, typically for 2 people per venue.


How do I apply?

Every Art Bridges partnership begins with an Exhibition Project. Visit that page for more information.

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