All of us at Art Bridges are thinking about our partners and the challenges you’re facing regarding the coronavirus/Covid-19. We’re continuing to monitor and local and regional health authorities, and we urge you to do the same. Above all, please stay as safe and healthy as possible.

We will continue to support you and your decisions as you adjust schedules or postpone events in light of the current situation. Art Bridges is up and running and operating as usual, and we’ll let you know if that changes. Now more than ever, access to American art can play an important and unifying role as our communities face these challenges together. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Paul Provost, CEO

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Building Meaningful Partnerships

Are you interested in becoming an Art Bridges partner?

  • How do we decide which projects to pursue?

    We assess projects against our institutional mission. We do that by asking the following questions:

    • Access

      How does this project create access and eliminate barriers?

    • Experimentation

      How does the project expand the idea of what an exhibition or program can look like or achieve?

      How does the project expand how we look at and think about American art?

    • Collection Sharing

      Does the project make art available that is otherwise unavailable?

      Is the art of the highest quality?

    • Collaboration

      What museums are collaborating?

      How is the community involved?

    • Impact

      Why is this important and relevant for the community?

      What is the impact the project will have on the community, collaborating museums, and the field?

If you’d like to partner with us, we’d love to talk with you.

As an organization focused on sharing American art, our partnerships begin with Exhibition Projects. Many of them grow to include Programming & Evaluation Projects, and they sometimes involve Convening Projects.

As we consider each new project proposal, here’s what we’re looking for.

Art Bridges seeks projects that have impact through:

  • ACCESS: Increasing access to the arts and creating meaningful impact for individuals and communities.
  • ENGAGEMENT: A strong commitment to engaging individuals and communities with the arts.
  • DISRUPTION: Challenging the status quo and taking risks.
  • CULTURAL INTEGRITY: Demonstrating integrity and ethical use of material with specific cultural origins and context.
  • STICKINESS: Achieving sustained resonance, impact, or value.

Art Bridges also looks for the following elements:

  • INNOVATIVE & EXPERIMENTAL: Attempting something you’ve never tried before, or that the field is not yet doing widely.
  • MULTI-DISCIPLINARY: Bringing music, performance, dance, theater, science, literature, and the humanities into the art museum and gallery space.
  • AUDIENCE-BUILDING: Opening up the museum to new audiences, particularly those that have not yet felt welcome or fully engaged.

How do I apply?

Every Art Bridges Project begins with a conversation. Use the form below to get that conversation started.


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